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Best Gifts for Car Lovers

We all have that guy or girl in our lives that loves cars. Don’t you feel that it is always a struggle to figure out what to get them? My partner has that problem all the time! Funnily she’s pretty good at getting me presents but don’t tell her I said that!

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to finally sit down and figure out what to get your car loving partner, friend, family member, cat, dog or iguana…

Below is a list of cool, quirky or useful stuff which won’t break the bank but definitely put a smile on their face!

It’s Freezing People!

It’s Winter. Lets be real, getting a snuggly warm new sweatshirt is the best feeling ever! You unwrap it and (if the present giver knows you well) see that your favorite brand is splashed across the front of your brand new swanky sweatshirt. Before you even pull it over your head, you inspect how it looks by holding it in front of your torso to get reactions from the people around you. Love that feeling.

Everybody Loves Neons.

If you are looking for a gift for someone that is a car fanatic, one thing they will love are neons. Neons were a love/hate kind of thing when the Fast & Furious movies had initially released and after a few years, died out. Became extinct.

Now though! They are back baby! Stronger and more awesomer than ever! People be seeing you from a mile away, before they even hear that VTEC ripping down the road mowing the lawn (yes, that was a lil sting for y’all VTEC loving people). Don’t worry, I love dat VTEC bruh.

Anyway, check out this kit, the Govee RGB 4. This kit includes everything you need to install the kit, along with an app! An app that can control the RGB LEDs under your car to any color you like. Not only that, it bops away to the music you have playing!

Information Is The New Sexy

Communication Is Key…

So I feel like that is an interesting statement. Communication is key… What I mean by that is, your car is talking all the time. But are you listening to it? I’m sure you want to, but you can’t! Reason being is that the communication is happening amongst the different computers and sensors in your vehicle.

To listen to these communications and get more out of your vehicle, you need an OBD2 reader (really only applies to vehicles from 1996+). An OBD2 reader is a tool which allows you to get information from your car. Lets say you have a VW with an engine light popping up on the dash (shocking!) and you have no idea why.

Well, BAM! OBDLink MX+ is your go to guy for the job. This puppy uses a Bluetooth connection which connects to your phone! You got an Android or an iOS device, well you just go right ahead, connect to your device, download an OBD2 app from the app store (to give you some examples; Torque, DashCommand, Speedbot) and check out the different information you can get from your car!

Car enthusiasts love this kind of stuff and it is definitely something worth having for diagnosing issues and saving money!

Pumpin’ Iron!

Winter Sucks!

Do you remember during Winter when you got in your frozen over car, turned the ignition over and squat happens? Well, chances are your battery is dead. Then you gotta call someone out to charge your battery or get someone to jump start your car. Well, with the JF.EGWO battery charger, you’re saved!

This battery charger can kick start your cars battery back to life within minutes. Not only that, you can keep it in the boot of the car, no plugs required! (of course you gotta keep it charged up from time to time…). This battery back will get you out of some annoying situations. Not only can it charge your car battery, but it can charge your USB powered devices like your phone, flashlight, whatever else you crazy kids are powering nowadays with USBs.

Having said “flashlight”, the charger has them! The charger has two lights which allow you to see better in the dark. Given this thing is packed full of features already, I wouldn’t be surprised that you are already sold by this magnificent device. But to add the icing on the cake, the cherry on the ice cream (and if you don’t like that, you weird…), this charger has a built in air compressor!

I hope this list of gifts gives you an idea of what you can get for your car loving partner, friend, family member, cat, dog or iguana cause my iguana loves that neon kit I got it last week. Kinda annoying TBH, keeps playing Katy Perry – Last Friday Night looking at the neons change color…

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