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About Us

As technology continues to advance, we look to make our vehicles more comfortable, convenient and safer. Thanks to the different kinds of tech, we can get information about our tyre pressure. We know what issues an engine may be having. We can record events that occur on the road or while you are away from your car and be informed of it. We can connect our mobile phones to listen to podcasts and music (albeit that has been around for quite some time…).

Sometimes it can be overwhelming and tiresome to search for the product you want for your vehicle. You start to search hours upon hours looking for the best deals, the best quality, the best features only to end up with something that just doesn’t fill that void.

I know because I have several engines and parts in my shed that are currently collecting dust…

Here are AutoGeekTech, we want to help you in finding the right product for you and save you the hassle of having to dig and dig the internet until it’s 3 AM and you realize you need sleep. Then go to bed and continue the search on your phone. Madness!

Here we only provide the best and most rated products as chosen by the consumers of the world.


Makar “PandaMak” Emeliyanov

With a background in tech and development, I have always wanted to combine my passion for cars with technology. I would spend hours on YouTube watching how people convert headlights with LEDs or change their speedometer into a computer using Arduino boards. I would also love spending time looking for the best quality and features of products which would make my car more awesome.

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