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At Auto Geek Tech, we spend a lot of time just browsing the internet for the coolest and geekiest tech for our cars and garages. We thought we would share these awesome finds with the world! Keep up to date with the best aftermarket parts and the best garage tools to have in your tool box.


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Best Realistic Android Racing Games

When I am looking around for some fun racing games, I personally feel that the Play store is constantly pushing some REALLY bad racing games (again, my personal thoughts). Sometimes they can be great, and today I am here to let you know about said great games! Myself, I love games that are closer to…

Food For Thought // What are the most critical tools you need in your garage for a beginner?

There is a monumental amount of tools that are available for you honest to goodness old fashioned mechanics. But lets say you are totally new to mechanics and you aren’t exactly mechanically savvy just yet, savvy? Usually when people ask me how i got started doing mechanics (FYI, I ain’t no pro, just DIY), i…