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Best Digital Multimeter

Have you ever had electrical issues? Ever wonder if your battery was flat? Do you find it SHOCKING that there is a tool that can measure electrical energy? Yes, I said it. SHOCKING.

Well today we are gonna look at the best digital multimeter that is available to purchase and its runner ups.

1st: AstroAI 3320 Digital Multimeter

With such a small package comes a feature full device that can test all sorts of components and wires. Using this you are more than likely to find whatever gremlins you may come across in your car. Continuity, frequency, diode and transistor testing you can be sure that you will find what is keeping your car from running as it should. With a large backlit display, along with a hold button and auto ranging, you will get the best result readings for the equipment you are testing.

What we most loved about this device are the different tests that it can do along with the magnet and kickstand making it easy to place it where ever you are working. Our only peeve about this device is how loud the beeps are when you are doing anything. If that may throw you off then check out the next option.


  • AC/DC current and voltage testing
  • Overload protection
  • Backlit 6000 counts display
  • Hanging magnet and kickstand
  • Battery low indicator
  • Easy access battery and fuse compartment
  • Multi-function socket for testing components


  • The magnet isn’t too strong
  • Only rated for CAT I and CAT II
  • Beeps very loudly

2nd: Power Probe Digital Multimeter

While it may not be our first choice, it certainly is an awesome bit of kit. Capable of CAT III and CAT IV testing, although unnecessary testing cars, this Power Probe multimeter is more than enough for testing gremlins in your car. With a 15 minute shut off, you won’t need to worry so much about the battery life of the device. The rugged rubber casing adds an extra feel of robustness and quality to the device along with the extra accessories it comes with such as the magnetic strip, alligator clips and more.


  • Cat-IV 600V and Cat-III 1000V safety rating
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Loud indicator tones
  • Rugged rubberised casing
  • 6000 counts display
  • Auto shutoff after 15 minutes
  • Includes alligator clips, magnetic hanging strip, temp probes and 2 5 foot long leads with probe tips


  • No pouch to carry it in
  • Auto ranging can be slow

3rd: INNOVA 3320 Digital Multimeter

While this Innova multimeter ain’t at the very top of the list we couldn’t help but add it. It is a great and cheap hobbyist/enthusiast style multimeter with some great features such as auto ranging, auto shut off and battery level indicator. It even has reverse polarity protection and all encased in a neat and compact design.


  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Quick auto ranging
  • Protective rubber guards
  • Auto shut off
  • Battery quick check LEDs
  • Compact design


  • Comes with no manual
  • Probes cannot be held by the provided device clasps, too loose

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