When I am looking around for some fun racing games, I personally feel that the Play store is constantly pushing some REALLY bad racing games (again, my personal thoughts). Sometimes they can be great, and today I am here to let you know about said great games!

Myself, I love games that are closer to real driving. In the real world, I am not a speed freak. I don’t like to drive recklessly. But when the missus is shopping or I am on the john or waiting for the trailers to start at the movies, I wanna flip on a fun race game. Driving in a game where the limits are only the road you are on, with a real sense of realism, really tickles my fancy! Especially cause the cars I drive in the games, I can’t afford (lol).

If you are reading this, you are clearly someone that enjoys the same thing as I do, so lets check out the best “realistic” racing games for the Android!

Grid Autosport


  • US $9.99
  • EU €9.99
  • UK £8.99

Grid Autosport is probably the most realistic experience you can have on an Android based device. When they say “console-quality racing on Android”, they are not kidding! Grid is a beautifully balanced racing game where you drive some quality cars from all kinds of delicious car brands, across the world on some breathtaking circuits.

With 100 cars, there is something to tickle your taste buds while you hit up one of the 100 race circuits. Cars vary from Formula 1 screamers to drifting smokers. With the option of adjusting the difficulty and the controls, you can tailour your driving experience to a more arcade style to door to door action.

The game was developed by literally my favourite Android developer Feral Interactive. The game was beautifully ported to multiple screen sizes to accomodate all kinds of Android devices. These guys make it their mission to make lots of awesome games move to your Android screens from PC games!

Feral Interactive ported games such as Company of Heroes, XCOM and even Total War series!

CarX Drift Racing 2

Price: Free

The Play store is full of games that are free. Realistically, they are not free. They are always making money in some shape or form. Ads, in app purchases, etc. But some games are just too good to not put up with some ads or notifications for buying in app items.

CarX Drift Racing 2 is one of those games! The realism you experience when you are sliding around a bend in this game is so satisfying. Well, when it is successful. Starting off in this game, you drive like you are wearing a blind fold in a real car. Some time and patience in this game and you can give Takumi for a run for his money! When you connect multiple slides into one long drift, you become the DK.

The cars are probably my most favourite part of the game. The variation is fantastic. The cars aren’t licenced, but looking at em, you know what they are if you are a car person. Feel like driving some Tofu in a Panda shoe box side ways? Maybe you wanna be like Colin McCrae sliding a 4WD blue demon on the streets? Or maybe you wanna drive a Godzilla through a festival in a multi-storey car park? There is something for everyone.

Developed by the Russian based CarX Technologies, it really feels like the game was developed by drift racers. People who love their Chasers, Supras, Evos and Truenos. Fantastic work by these guys!

Real Racing 3

Price: Free

Android gaming is becoming better, badder, sexier and most of all, exciting! Real Racing 3 is no slouch in all of those categorisations. Jump into an action packed racer filled with over 200 cars, be it Formula 1 or GT cars and take in those stunning scenes that pass you by while you are hitting a face tearing 200km/h+!

If you love your racing games, you will be familiar with some of the circuits in this game. From Spa to Laguna Seca, Nurburging to Bathurst, you will have a blast screaming passed some of the infamous bends and corners.

Given, it is from EA (I am not a fan of a lot of things they do) but sometimes, they come out with some cracking games. I love the feel of driving the cars on Real Racing 3. Sometimes I just lose myself and then I realise I sunk 2 hours into the game. Only reason I notice is cause the low battery icon pops up and I need my charger!