There is a monumental amount of tools that are available for you honest to goodness old fashioned mechanics. But lets say you are totally new to mechanics and you aren’t exactly mechanically savvy just yet, savvy?
Usually when people ask me how i got started doing mechanics (FYI, I ain’t no pro, just DIY), i always say it was from doing a service to my car. This is the best, easiest and non technical way of starting to save yourself plenty of money and learning about engines and general upkeep of a car.

But what tools do you need when you are starting off? Well lets just take a look shall we?
So what tools do you need to do a service:

Car Jack

And I am not talking about the one that is in the boot of your car. Get something more reliable such as a 2 ton jack, may be overkill but it may satisfy your needs for years to come. Product research page soon to follow so you can be sure you are picking the right one.

Jack Stands

The car needs to rest on something while in the air, again, 2 ton will be great. Make sure to research where the correct jacking point is on your car. Otherwise your jack stand will be sitting in your car while you drive… I’d kinda wanna see though that sounds funny. On a serious note, you need to make sure the car is rock solid when standing on them so nothing happens while you are under the car.

Ratchet Set

Can’t do any mechanics without a set of ratchets and/or spanners and usually you can get a great set for cheap to get the job done. I will be posting a product research page on a set that will do a great job for any mechanical job.

Oil Pan

You gotta empty the oil into something, otherwise you got yourself a mess, and mother nature hates a mess!

Spark Plug Socket

Sometimes the ratchet/spanner set you get doesn’t have the right sized socket you need to get the spark plugs out so check out and see what size your spark plug holes are. Try find one that has a small rubber hat inside of it, it grips the plugs so you can pull it out of the engine. Hassle free!


Not saying people do this naked, but it is always good to have clothes that is suited for the job otherwise your tools may be scattered every where, get something with pockets and what not. Those 10mm sockets love to make a run for the hills and you never find the blasted lil buggers.

Oil Filter Tool

This one is optional but can be handy if space is an issue. Personally, what I normally do is use an old belt and a ratchet extension, loop the belt around the oil filter and tie a knot, then i pass the extension through a hole and twist it so that it is firmly gripping the oil filter and then twist until the filter gives.


Pouring the oil back into the engine can be a bit of a faff but with a funnel, it makes everything stay clean and spill free. Getting one with a filter in it is a nice touch in case some dirt tries to fall in.

Final Thoughts

These are pretty much the essentials of what any mechanic would need to start with. Of course there are tools that are car dependent but every tool has its uses. From the above list personally, I think it a great start.

What do you think? Is there anything I missed or do you think it is not necessary? Comment below.